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Transforming Stress into Success

I help leaders and teams boost performance and resilience by recognizing and effectively managing stress.


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Stress impacts people and

teams in different ways.

It may show up as increased frustrations, anxiety, more sick days, or loss of the bigger picture.

Knowing the impact of stress on you and your team members is key.

Hi, I’m Deborah Cherrey.

A stress management consultant and coach, ready to optimize your mental well-being, recognize stress for you and your team with strategies to navigate stress and increase your personal and professional productivity to unprecedented heights. 

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Unlock your potential with a 2-hour RTT session. I'll guide you to uncover challenges' root causes and reframe beliefs for lasting change in 1-3 sessions. Overcome anxiety, boost confidence, heal, or conquer fear.


Embark on a 3-month transformative journey with me, liberating you from stress and paving the path to success. Optimize your mindset, well-being, and productivity. Together, we'll rewrite your story and create a tailored strategy for growth.


Unlock your team's potential with tailored programs. Conquer stress, foster resilience, and drive success through workshops, coaching, and evidence-based strategies. Empower your team to thrive - let's transform your workplace!


In this hyperconnected world of constant demands, unpredictability and information overload, stress can be a formidable obstacle, hindering your ability to shine and achieve your true potential. I'm here to guide you through scientific approaches to stress management that will revolutionize the way you conquer challenges and excel in all areas of your life.

Drawing inspiration from my background in coaching, rapid transformational therapy, hypnosis, and stress management consulting, I've tailored my stress management approach to maximize you and your team's mental clarity, resilience, and performance. Together, we'll dive into the evidence-based, innovative techniques and proven methodologies that will empower you to master stress like a true pro.

I believe in leveraging the power of systems and habits to unlock your true potential. We'll design a tailored roadmap that suits your unique needs, enabling you to create sustainable, stress-free routines that fuel your success as well as “in the heat of the moment” techniques . You’ll gain an understanding of what stress is, how to recognize it, and the long-term effects of why a stress management program is crucial to you and your team. With a keen focus communication, time management, and stress resilience, you'll harness your inner drive and achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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