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When I couldn't ignore the nudges of the Universe anymore, I left the corporate world to enjoy a journey of healing, inspiration and empowerment. As a Mindset Coach, Author, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, and Blogger I am passionate about living my best life. Through my own story of overcoming obstacles as a single mom and taking a leap of faith towards my purpose of inspiring the personal and professional growth and evolvement of women, I will support you in navigating your own personal journey to find direction through the darkness and create the life of your dreams.

Dandelion Meadow

"Dreams will only be dreams unless you take inspired action"


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I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have you as my life coach.  Before we started these sessions I had low self confidence, I was filled with self limiting beliefs and I believed that this is the life I was meant to live.

In just 5 weeks you have helped me see by changing my beliefs, I will change my results.  My self confidence is increasing, my beliefs are changing and I am seeing my results change.  I am attracting new opportunities that are helping me move toward reaching my goals.  You have shown me that I have to dream big and if I can envision it, I can hold it in my hand.  Thank you so much for everything you are sharing with me to help me grow into my best self!

— Shannon H


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