Push Past Fear

When I decided to quit my corporate job and take the leap of faith into a spiritual quest of energy healing, I didn’t think it would be easy. In fact, I thought it might be really hard, but I could no longer ignore the signs that I was not where I was meant to be. The awful feeling in the pit of my stomach every time I walked into work was screaming at me to make a change. So I followed the nudge of the universe, and put a profound trust into the fact that it was going to be worth it.

Behind the scenes, I’ve spent months juggling what seems like a bunch of balls in the air - taking new courses, developing my website, courses and retreats, and writing a book just to name a few. At times I have felt stagnant. I wasn’t propelling forward. It’s during those times that it’s easy to fall into fear, allowing the mind to question what the soul knows is true.

I enlisted the help of a mentor. On a recent phone call with her, she asked me why I hadn’t launched my website yet. A number of excuses flew out - I was continuing to take courses to broaden my resume of services. I was afraid of showing my true self to the world and not being accepted. I was scared of failure. Everything just had to be perfect.

As we hung up from the call, the conversation lingered in my mind. It dawned on me that I was holding myself back stuck in self limiting beliefs. In stead of being afraid, what if I showed up and impacted just one person? Wouldn’t that be worth it? What if I looked past fear, launched my website, and it was a success? What if this is the stepping stone I need to take to get to where I’m meant to be?

Every great master or success story had to start somewhere. Whether they failed and evolved from it or whether they succeeded, they had to take that first step. That first step can be scary as hell, but it can also be the beginning of something incredible. If you don’t take that first step and you stay within the confines and comforts of everything you know, you are playing it safe and are limiting your own potential. “Find comfort amidst the discomfort” as Gabby Berenstein would say. It is only through discomfort that you are growing and evolving. To achieve anything worth having, you must take risks. You must be willing to set aside fear and push through.

In that moment, I chose to be the best version of myself. I chose to take down the veils of fear and not be afraid to be vulnerable and speak my truth. I may not resonate with everyone and that’s ok. Everyone has a choice and it’s all within your own personal power to have free will to choose what is right for you.

What areas of your life are you staying safe? What walls are you hiding behind that is limiting you from having your best life?

Only you can be the change you want to be!

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