Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes we fall short. While we can set great intentions on how we live our lives, conduct ourselves, or where our morals and values lie, sometimes we fall short. We are all spiritual beings living in a physical world. The idea that we are perfect, strive towards perfection, or portray perfection isn’t realistic. Life is not perfect. We are not perfect.

We can set the best of intentions to have a good day. We can watch inspirational videos and read empowerment books. We can make lists of affirmations on who we are. We can meditate, workout, and nourish the mind, body, and soul. We can show up in the world with a positive mindset and good attitude. In all that seemingly good world we choose to operate from, it can take just one split second for it to unravel. It can take one lapse of judgement on how we react to a situation that we fail to follow our own good advice.

Strive for continuous improvement instead of perfection ~ Kim Collins

We react, we yell, we lash out. We become versions of ourselves that are unrecognizable, not only to ourselves, but to the people we love. In the aftermath of it all, it’s in the quiet moments of reflection, you can piece together the whys. What perpetuated your reaction? How did it make you feel? Are you willing to look deeper and exam the parts that triggered you? Instead of placing blame or fault, can you view the situation as a learning experience?

Sometimes, when we don’t live up to our own expectations of ourselves, we beat ourselves up over and over again, replaying it in our minds on how we should’ve done something different. The standards that we hold ourselves at are so high, almost impossible to reach, that we lose sight that we are human. We lose sight of that fact that these mistakes, these failings, are here as a tool to support our own growth and expansion. These triggers are here to show you the unhealed parts of yourself. Instead of feeling ashamed and regretful on what transpired and how you wish you had shown up better, honour these lessons and be compassionate with yourself. Take the lesson, learn from it, heal from it, and then let it go. Don’t give it another thought. You can’t continue to move forward if you are constantly looking in the rearview mirror.

If you are continuously in a spot of feeling safe, then you are not growing or expanding. It’s in the moments of discomfort where self actualization and realization are born. These uncomfortable moments, these lessons, will keep coming towards you until you choose something different. Until you learn the lesson.

It’s an “aha” moment when you are able to look at a situation and choose how you will react to it. True personal power is found in your awareness to see what is happening around you and your ability to view it from a different perspective.

We always have a choice to choose something different.

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