I'll Be Happy When....

We are all guilty of saying it at one time or another? How does this statement end for you? When you get a bigger car, better job, find that true love, or get that promotion? We are delaying our happiness for something in the future. We believe that we will be more fulfilled if our status in a specific area of our life changes or improves.

Society has taught us that achievements of success is the ultimate road to happiness. Our happiness or success is dictated by report cards, sales sheets, bank balances, wins or losses. We hand out trophies and awards for top performers. What if, instead, our happiness is focussed on relishing in those things that inspire us? What if, in the morning you were so excited about the day that you wanted to jump out of bed?

“The purpose of our lives is to be happy” ~ Dalai Lama

Your happiness cannot be dependant on a future event. It will always elude you and just be that far out of reach. When you are so focussed on the future and pegging your happiness on a condition, you are stealing the precious moments of the present. The past is gone, the future isn’t here yet. We only have this moment.

How about I am happy……..NOW?

I choose to live life fully. I am happy regardless of the situation I find myself in. I am fulfilled and content. I can find things to be happy about right now.

This does not mean that you no longer set goals. It means that you make a decision to find joy and contentment in the journey of life. It means that you no longer have a condition on your happiness at a future date. Your current condition cannot dictate the way that you feel.

Your happiness is not a destination. Your happiness is a state in which you choose to be. Notice how you are feeling in the present moment and reach for thoughts that make you feel good. When you choose to see the bright side of life and find gratitude and appreciation for what is regardless of the physical manifestation of your hopes and dreams, you’ll find that your mood is lifted. As this becomes a habit and you’ll begin to notice that life becomes easier and you begin to allow all good things to flow to you.

“Some pursue happiness, others create it” ~ Author Unknown

The key to your happiness is within. Lean into joy.

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