I am the Creator of My Life

Each and every one of us is the creator of our lives. Look at the results around you. Are you happy with them? Is there anything that you would change? Our external environment is a direct reflection of our inner environment. Once you realize that your circumstances are a reflection of the thoughts, habits and what you choose to focus on, you become more self aware of the circumstances you find yourself in and whether they are in alignment with who you are and what you want.

We are not a victim of circumstance. Nobody makes us feel a certain way. We always have the power to choose our response to any given situation. As you begin the process of deliberately creating the life that you want in harmony with your thoughts, habits and beliefs, you become more aware of the environments that you subject yourself to.

We are constantly creating our experiences with every thought that we have. Every time we experience something we don’t like or want, in that moment we are creating something that we do like or want. Imagine having those desires met. How does it feel? The key to obtaining those desires is to remain in a positive emotional state as if you have already achieved those desires.

Often times, when we have a desire and it isn’t happening for us as quickly as we would like it, we fall into negative thought patterns and begin to believe that we aren’t worthy of our goals or that it will never happen. Energy is in constant motion. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. If you are focused on having a goal, but are having thoughts in opposition to how you would feel with that goal achieved, then the Universe will wait until you are in the proper emotional alignment with that goal. As you continue to focus on your desire and stay in a positive thought pattern around it, you begin to notice that more goodness comes back to you not just with that one goal, but in all areas of your life. You become to operate with a state of happiness and joy which is really who we all are at the centre of our being.

Personal power is living intentionally with purpose and optimism. It’s choosing to see the good in all our experiences and recognizing that when a negative thought or emotion comes in, to choose again. Should you get stuck in traffic and become frustrated, you alone have the power to choose again. Choose a better thought. Perhaps that delay saved you from getting in an accident. Our thoughts become things so choose your thoughts carefully.

We are all powerful beings and have the ability to create anything in our lives that we want. Why on earth would you ever settle for anything less than your heart’s desires?

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