Forgiveness is FOR You!

Often when we think of the term forgiveness, we think it means that we condone and accept behaviours from others or, in doing so, are letting them off the hook. Perhaps in forgiving someone that we continue to invite them into our experience (this is just not the case). Perhaps we haven’t even received a formal apology.


Forgiveness is really all about you. It’s letting go of feelings of resentment towards someone who may have wronged us, regardless of whether they deserve it, so that we can move forward. It’s no longer remaining hostage in a situation that no longer serves us. It’s freeing ourselves from those shackles that prevent us from a new beginning with a clean slate and focussing on the more meaningful aspects of life.

Forgiveness isn’t always about others. Sometimes, we hold ourselves in states of regret for not doing better, for not making better choices, for reacting to a given situation. We hold ourselves to such a high standard of perfection that when we fall short, we spiral into modes of self deprecation. Forgive yourself for not knowing better, for not doing better, for not responding better. You only did the best you could with what you knew at the time. Now that you know better, you can do better moving forward.

Holding onto pieces from the past is robbing us from enjoying the present. Not only will forgiveness give us peace of mind, it empowers us to acknowledge the pain and let it go to allow us to heal and move forward. Harvest the good from the situation and let the rest go. While we cannot change the past, we can learn from our experiences. That’s where growth and personal awareness forms. By showing compassion to ourselves and loving ourselves so damn much that we recognize our time and energy is valued in so many other better places in our lives.

Over time, negative emotions such as anger and resentment become “dis-ease” in our bodies. The mistakes from the past are not worth the price of your health. Not only will forgiveness foster healthy relationships around you, you’ll benefit with physical and mental wellbeing.

In a study conducted by psychologists, subjects were asked to describe a grudge they were holding against someone. While the respondents recollected an event from their past grudge, it caused an increase in blood pressure, pulse rate, and emotionally they had feelings of frustration, sadness, and nervousness. Once the suggestion was given to consider forgiveness, their levels of stress dropped and the symptoms they were experiencing subsided, tension was reduced bringing them back to mental clarity and general feelings of wellbeing.

Make today the day that you choose to let go of the heavy burdens of the past. Wouldn’t it feel so much lighter? Forgiveness is the key that frees yourself to a begin anew. Now is a new moment for you to create a life filled with passion, joy and meaning.

Forgiveness is FOR you!

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