Do You Follow Your Inner Compass?

The Universe is expansive and we are all apart of forces much greater than us. There’s an unseen power amongst us that wants us to be living in the unlimited potential that we deserve. To always be operating in a place of love and joy. We all have an inner compass that guides us every day - our intuition. It’s up to us on how much we choose to listen to it or tap into it.

Have you ever had a hunch - a gut instinct - a sixth sense about a situation or person? You had that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach that something was just not right? In those moments, do you follow the guidance that you’re being offered or ignore it? Did you follow the path of least resistance or ignore all the warning bells and whistles? The great thing about life is that we always have a choice - this or that? One choice offers you the opportunity to flow with life and one choice offers you the opportunity to resist life.

Life allows us to choose our own adventure. If you choose the opportunity to go with the flow with life and follow the path of least resistance, your life reflects ease and allowance of all the wonderful things that are unfolding for you. If you choose the opportunity to ignore the warning signs, the Universe will grant you obstacles. The minute you choose to go against the grain of what you know is right for you, there will be valuable lessons learned along the way.

Even though you choose a path that you may know may be troublesome for you, understand that life is happening for you, not to you. The challenges that you may have to overcome are helping you to achieve personal growth and expansion. These detours in life are forcing you to rise to the occasion and contain valuable lessons.

With this understanding, you will begin to understand that the difficulties that you face are there to teach you something. If you don’t understand the lesson the first time, no problem, the Universe will continue to show you in the form of repeat patterns until the lesson sinks in. If you don’t follow your intuition and find yourself in an unfavourable situation, don’t be hard on yourself. We are all physical bodies having a human experience and make mistakes from time to time. Be compassionate with yourself and don’t allow your present circumstances dictate the way in which you will make future decisions.

“Intuition is a magical thing. Regardless of whether you follow your intuition or not, you will always end up exactly where you are meant to be and will bear witness to your own personal growth and expansion.” ~ Deborah Cherrey

Trust yourself more!

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