And the Greatest Gift of Love

As December falls upon us and we find ourselves in the thick of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we fall into sheer panic as stores turn their their displays into wintery wonderlands and commercials begin the Christmas countdown. Christmas songs hit the radio airwaves and our favourite coffee shops offer egg nog lattes and peppermint hot chocolate. Anxiety sets in as we get so wrapped up into thinking about the long checklist of things to get done - Christmas pageants, Christmas parties, decorations, wrapping, craft sales, baking, and letters to Santa. We fight crowded parking lots and long line ups in malls to catch the latest deals on the Christmas wishlist items. We cut coupons and mark dates when things will be going on sale. We exhaust all efforts to find the perfect gift for someone.

In 2019, reports are estimating the average spend over the Christmas holidays to be $920 per person. We rack up debt thinking our credit cards are the ticket to someone’s happiness.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, spirituality, or otherwise, how do we allow ourselves to get so caught up in the materialism, that we forget the true meaning of the season. The greatest gift you can give someone comes from a place of love. The greatest gift you can give someone can’t be quantified by a price tag on an item. It can only be shown by your want, willingness, and desire to show someone you care.

Gifts coming from a place of love don’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as:

  1. Baking someone their favourite dish each month

  2. Thoughtful gifts - a love letter a month, making a favourite playlist, a photo album of memories, tv night, or game night

  3. Gifts of labour - handy work, house cleaning, massage, a night “off the hook” of children responsibilities

  4. Homemade crafts

  5. Experiences - wine tours, ax throwing, hikes, picnics

Time on this earth is so precious. In the moment when you take your very last breath, do you think that you will remember that big ticket item you received for Christmas? Or will you remember the warmth of the memories created from the time you spent surrounded by the people you love?

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